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How to deal with TalkTalk. Some suggestions.

1. Always send any communications by recorded delivery. This only costs a few pence more, but there will be a signed for proof of delivery.
2. If possible, cancel any Direct Debit and tell the bank not to accept any requests for payment.
3. Either send E-mails or Recorded Delivery letters to the executives :- Dido Harding and Trisitia Harrison. Just type these names into a search engine (e.g. Google) and it will give addresses.
5. Send TalkTalk a bill for the phone calls and postage!
We were with Virgin for about 12 years, but kept on having connection problems. They were also one, if not ‘the’ most expensive provider. It was suggested that we try TalkTalk, so my wife contacted them, to arrange an account. A Direct Debit was arranged, to be started after we had been connected and received a router and T.V. Box. We were asked to be available on Friday 4th October as an engineer would be coming.
After the router arrived, my wife phoned Customer Services to ask when the engineer would be coming as we had to go out on Friday 4th October. She was told that he would arrive between 1pm and 6pm, to connect the phone to TalkTalk. I therefore agreed to wait in, although inconvenient. 7pm and NO ENGINEER!! I phoned Customer Services again to vent my wrath at not having received the courtesy of a phone call with an explanation! An apology was followed by their trying to make another appointment. AN ENGINEER THEN ARRIVED!! He was very apologetic and said that he had only just been given the job. He fiddled around with an indoor, old and unused phone socket for a while. He then said that he would have to go outside to check a supply box, but as it was very dark, I lent him a torch, AS HE DID NOT HAVE ONE! He disappeared for about 30 minutes and returned to say that it was too dark to see what to do. He packed up and left for a ½ hour journey home!
On Saturday 5th October, my wife phoned Customer Services again ON OUR VIRGIN PHONE!
She told them how we had been inconvenienced for nothing. The Customer Services representative however was VERY insistent that we had been connected, even though we were still using a Virgin connection and phone number! This annoyed my wife, so she told them to cancel the account. This was met by ‘There will be a charge for disconnecting’!!! My wife told them not to try, as she was going to cancel the Direct Debit and if they want the router back, to send a prepaid bag for returning it. The following week, the T.V. box arrived and later the prepaid bag. The router and T.V. box were returned by recorded delivery.
A final demand has now been received, with a threat of passing our details to a Debt Collection Agency!!! This is a fraudulent demand for money, for services not received, as well as intimidation and harassment! I have sent another E-mail to Dido Harding and included this website address!
IF TALKTALK THINK THAT THEY CAN THREATEN US, THEY HAVE ANOTHER ‘THINK’ COMING! We are both too long in the tooth at nearly 77 years!

GUESS WHAT!! My wife finally received a 'REAL PERSON' phone call this morning, to say that TalkTalk are cancelling the account TOTALLY. We might still receive another statement apparently, but to ignore it!!! I therefore ask you to read my review above and take note of my suggestions!
TalkTalk apparently blame Virgin (our previous and present supplier) for all the trouble that we have had with CONNECTIONS???
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