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Don't even get me started!!!

My worst experience ever!
Does anybody even speak English in that company?
They are just taking p**s of customers!

I was moving houses, wanted them to transfer the phone line
to my new flat.
1. The did not cut off the line when they promised - it took them a week longer to do that. They were saying via mobile that it is not working, when I went over to check, it was still working.
2. I arranged an appointment with their engineer to come over to my new flat on Saturday since I am out of flat any other day of the week as I work in another town. They sent me a confirmation via text message that the engineer will be in my flat on Saturday between 7am and 1pm. Guess what, I got a phone call from the engineer on Tuesday about 2pm, that he is at the door and no one is in. When I told him that I did not have any appointments with him for Tuesday but on Saturday, he said they do not do Saturdays and he would not tell me which company sent him, I was hoping it is someone for my flatmate maybe. I called talktalk three times that week so that they can double and tripple check if everything is fine with the Saturday appointment, and they said yes (and were quite impatient as if I was taking their time to check an obvious thing). Guess what, I was waiting all day for the engineer on Saurday, called Talktalk again twice, once at 10am and once around 12, only to get told that I need to wait patiently. When the engineer did not turn up at 1pm, I called them again, only to be informed that the engineer was there and I was not at home! When I think about this I am still so upset, they did not give me any apology for wasting my time and for that dreadful experience, they lied straight into my face, so disrespectful for me, as a customer, as a human being!
3. After that I decided I do not want to have anything to do with them. But guess what, it is not that easy! Because they basically pretend they do not understand English, when you say you do not want to be their customer any more. They were passing me over one to another asking to wait, till the last person told me that it is impossible, otherwise they will charge me a disconnection fee. I laughed at them, how can they charge me a disconnection fee if I am not connected in the first place? The last guy I spoke to was so afraid to remove me from the customers list, as if they threatened him with something if he does that. The conversation was like this:
-Please remove from the customers list
-No problem, but..
-I do not want any buts, remove me please
-Yes, but..
-No buts, remove me from the customers list please!
and so on about 20 mins!!!

To put it short - this company is a disgrace and I am happy not to have anything to do with them any more.
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