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Llanelli, GB

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To say 'Dreadful customer service' would be a compliment

One Star because TrustPilot don't go any lower. I wanted to put no stars!
They are by far the most incompetent company I have ever had dealings with.
My TalkTalk contract ends 11or12 April 2013. I got on to TalkTalk 27 March 2013 Spoke to a TalkTalk rep about my monthly rate that has gone up to £6.24, they offered to keep it at £3.25pm for a further 12 Months and repay £2.99 from the £6.24 overcharge. They said they would confirm this within the next 2 days.
TalkTalk had offered this further 12 months at 3.25 because I said due to the TalkTalk monthly payment doubling, I was thinking of moving to PlusNet.
I recorded the conversation with the TalkTalk rep so there can’t be any disputes.
The 'Telephone Recorder Connector' can be plugged into any phone and you can record phone calls to any recorder, I prefer the Sanyo Talk-Book with the 90minute micro tapes to file.
Thanks to TalkTalk 's incompetence it looks like I'll be a Plusnet customer soon.
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