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The worst company I have ever dealt with

If you need to return something or get any information you’ll have BIG problems.
I needed to return a sink & tap set due to my kitchen plan changing unexpectedly. These things happen in building.

Firstly, Taps UK (Utsumi) charge 25% restocking/handling charge plus you pay and organise delivery. Although, when I went to check this I could not even open their terms and conditions on their site. (I still cannot at the time of writing this)

To get to the point where I actually knew how to return the goods I had many emails back and forth with this company. Based on the replies I received, which had no relevance to the query I was asking, I believe they were not even being read. If you have ever spoken to a call centre where the person does not understand you and just replies something unrelated back; you’ll find this is 10 times worse . I finally gave up and picked up the phone to call their extremely expensive premium rate number (which they will probably make profit from). I spoke to a “manager” who looked through my email exchange. He agreed it was unacceptable. He said he would sort this out and call me back. The promised call back never came.

I finally followed the return instructions and paid parcel force to deliver the return. It was a signed for delivery in mid December and am still awaiting my refund a month later. I have had to resort to getting the proof of delivery from Parcel Force.

But the problems started well before this though as they could not give me delivery time information. I raised a ticket on their enquiry system and got a useless generic/automated reply.

This whole experience has been absolutely awful and unacceptable. I will never again use this company: TapsUK or any other Utsumi brand.
You can make your own choice.
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