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Terrible, terrible terrible. What watchdog would love to report on.

I ordered a Villeroy & Boch Butler 90 sink, the item had a 3 - 5 days delivery. After a week I sent an email because I refuse to use their £1.53/min rip off service line for their error.
I was given a bland response from their Indian Centre which gave no clear details about the delivery.
I was then advised this week that the payment wasn't received when clearly it had as I received Paypal's confirmation which I duly sent to them.
No Apology. Just advised item will be dispatched. I contacted the courier who told me that delivery would be this Friday...6th December that's 12 days after ordering and severely delaying the fitting of my kitchen.
I was then advised the item won't arrive until the 9th of December. I contacted the sales line to get someone to contact me as a 10 minute call would escalate to £15 which I think is criminal. I have yet to speak to a customer service rep and I doubt I will get a call.
This has been singularly the most disgusting customer experience I have had online and I would advise those who wish to purchase from TAPS UK to seriously think again because if something goes wrong it will cost you a lot of money that you won't get back.
I hope one of TAPS UK reps reads this and does their very best to rectify this terrible service. You have been warned.
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