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No cash refunds and yet can't spend gift card because of a technical fault

I returned an expensive suit almost immediately after buying it, it was totally inappropriate for the occasion but I had let the sales assistant charm me into it - they can sell well but the service is rubbish. At no point in the sale was I advised that they don't offer cash refunds even though it was clear I wasn't sure. I have been trying to spend the gift card online for the last few weeks but the system is not currently working and customer services are unable to advise when it will be resolved. They are also totally unhelpful - I have checked and my local store does not have any of the 3 items I want to buy so I suggested they could send the items to the store and I'll go any pay with the gift card but apparently they can't do that either. Clearly if they valued the customer experience at all they could do it...
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    Reply from Ted Baker

    Hi Anna, we are sorry to hear of your disappointment.
    It has always been Teds policy not to offer refunds and we do have to stick by this. In regards to your gift card, unfortunately we are experiencing some unexpected technical difficulties online at the moment that we are working to resolve as quickly as possible. If you send your email address to ask.ted@tedbaker.com they can let you know when it is up and running again.
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