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Rubbish customer service.

I ordered 2 items and had been informed that one was out of stock. I asked them to be sure to adjust the shipping cost as there's an over £20 difference between shipping one and two items.
Since then I get no reply from them. And shortly after I get their standard "items have been shipped" template email. But no reply to my repeated mails.
When I received my parcel there was one item, and just as I was afraid of, they had charged me the old shipping fees which means I had paid double for shipping just one item.
I emailed to several tedbaker.com addresses - no reply.
I posted on their Facebook and Instagram accounts and got only patronizing responses that either asked me to email them (that's a slap in the face), or told me they'll get back to me shortly which they did not do until I had to make another public post on their FB page.
It's been almost a week since the fiasco started. Their FB people said they were notified by their customer service "team" that a refund is in process. Yet to date NO ONE has bothered to reply to any of my emails (there have been lots by now!). And I still have no official confirmation regarding the refund.

How disrespectful of their customers! It seems they only patronize us with a response when they have no choice when we take it to a public forum like FB/Instagram. But when it comes to really serving customers they totally mistreat us by not even honoring us with a decent email reply or acknowledgment. And to top it off the contact form on their website does not work - I wasn't able to select a subject as there were no options, and hence the webform would not send my message through.

I'd been a regular ted baker customer and I'm so gutted and disgusted by their customer service that I will never buy any ted baker ever again after this.
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    Reply from Ted Baker

    Hi Holly, we are sorry to hear of your disappointment. As I am sure you can appreciate our customer service team are working as quickly as possible to respond to all emails. If you can forward your email address to us in a private message (perhaps via Facebook?) along with your order number we can check the status of your response. Once again, do accept our apologies for the delay.
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