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Was great, but now just good

The Tesco Credit Card is pretty middle of the road in many respects. A 16.9% interest rate as I write, and for new customers a reasonable free balance transfer and 0% on purchases offer.

What set it apart was the rewards programme - you can use Clubcard points to convert to cash, or to convert to Airmiles, with extra rewards if you use the card in a Tesco petrol station.

This was one of the very best ways of collecting Airmiles until recently.

Now, Tesco has more or less halved the rewards points, and of course Airmiles has moved to Avios at virtually the same time, and now passes the taxes that were once absorbed on to you. A double whammy hit on the benefits from using a Tesco Credit Card.

What was once a 5 star offer is now reduced to a middle of the road one. Still a good card, but my, how the rewards have been cut.
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