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nightmare from begining to end !!

Dear Sir/Madam,

My order had been confirmed and money taken out of my account in full.I was due my order between 2-4 pm on the 7th may. By 4.30 i phoned customer services to be told she would ring the driver (whils i was on hold) to which there was no answer from driver. She informed me she would keep trying the driver and get back too me (which i heard nothing back.!)As it got to 8pm i was worried, our shopping was not going to arrive.We are on benefits, and therfore have no spare money what so ever. i had no food it except bread and so had to sent my daughters 7 and 10 too bed with 2 slices of toast, in which i felt awful (that was there tea) .This was so upsetting,not having food which you have rightly paid for.
Its now 8pm so i ring back .com, to be told the driver had now gone home (i was told it was stange as there was no accident or breakdown recorded ) which would have been easier to accept then just not bothering .He then apparently arrived back in store a little later with our shopping .
I then asked to speak to a manager at which i was told he would give £35 worth of e-vouchers to take off this order we were due, as he had put the order through once again of his system between 8-10am the following morning. I was told to go back through my orders on .com and to apply my e-vouchers so the balance outstanding would therefore be £10.06. This i then did to no avail as my bank account was now empty as tesco.com had taken the money allready so thefore could not confirm order to reduce balance.As i stated i had no spare money!.I then phoned.com back (which is also costing me.) To be told that because my account was now empty this wouldnt be possible. So now i am back too square1.
As i will never shop with .com again after this disaster , i did not want the e-vouchers taking off my next shop ,i wanted the money off the shop that was due!
I was told the driver had said he knocked at our door and there was no answer,which is a lie as we firstly have a camera too prove he never came to the door and so do our neighbours . (which is 100% proof this member off staff is a liar) My daughter husband and mother was in the house all day with myself .
We aggreed with Sarah(manager) to go into store in blackpool as this is where our shopping is, to collect,and speak too Mike norbury (manager).So i had too put my mother out to take us all the way down ther too sort it (also costing in petrol!)
We arrived at the store at 12pm, after taking daughter too doctors. We asked for Mike Norbury too which he came too see us. I had too explain the whole situation once again to Mr Mike Norbury.He kept telling us to just take our shopping and use the e-vouchers off our next shop as there was nothing else he could do. I had already told him we will NEVER shop with them again so to refund me the money into bank, too which he said he couldnt do from store? I said as a good will gesture we should be given the shopping for nothing as all the hassle k,kids going without tea, petrol money, phone call and the sheer stress off the stress and frustration in which he smirked!! He said he made a phone call too head office and has refunded the shopping too our bank accound this he did by store after telling us this was not something he could do. This i was told will take 3-5 days too show in bank . ( i just hope it arrives )... This was then fine i said and made my way to husband where he and a member off teso staff were putting in the back of my mums car. My husband then went too find my mum instore as she had got bored off sitting in car,as it was all taking ages.. He came across Mr mike Norbury talking with another member off staff clearly slagging us off for having our shopping for nothing. he was going too approach mr Mike Norbury in store ,but i adviced too come away and complain to head office.
I then got home to unpack my shopping to be disapointed once again these are the reasons why?.
1.coleslaw all over one of the bags,
2. 2 lettuces with yesterdays date on them, ( the date we orriginally ordered)
3. missing cheese,
4.squashed bread,
5.steak that had so much fat through it i feel it was only fit for my dog,
I am greatly disapointed and un neverd as to how this is possible from a massive store as yorselves . i want this sorting asap...
mr and mrs preston
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