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I payed for the insurance to cover myself incase of a refund required for some tickets i bought.
I sent atleast 30 emails and have been passed around so many times. No one called me. I sent all the information and the company kept saying they didnt have it or it was been reviewed etc and they would contact me on a certain date time. NOTHING.

I made an offical complaint and STILL HEARD nothing back!

I told them i would complain to watch dog. STILL NOTHING.

I will never use them again whether they are the people or the insurance company part of trainline.

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    Hi Sinystar Sparkle (nice name BTW),

    Insurance is an extra add on while booking and usually offers reassurance in case circumstances change or something unexpected happens

    The process of making a claim with our provider is usually quick and easy so I'm not sure what's causing a delay for you

    There is some helpful information in the help section of our site (including contact details for the insurance provider)


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