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A Company That Is Going Through Growing Pains

I have been with Three Mobile for the past 3 years (no pun intended) . What attracted me to their offering was their competitive pricing .

Their network coverage is great in big cities and they cannot be faulted on that ; however , there has been times when I visited smaller towns when I had little to no network coverage . This wouldn't have been such a problem if no-one else had no reception , but in this case I had someone with the same mobile phone and a different network provider who had full signal strength on his mobile phone .

They have since invested in their infrastructure in a bid to broaden their network coverage so I cannot comment if the above mentioned problem has been solved or not , as it has been a while since a visited a small town or village .

They marketed themselves as a company who specializes in 'mobile broadband' with free Skype services being sold as part of their package , unfortunately even on a high connection speed mobile phone with a full coverage strength from Three , I was less than impressed with the call quality on Skype . On my home broadband I have excellent Skype call quality . This issue might only be resolved when Three rolls out it's LTE broadband in the future , unfortunately they have prematurely created an expectation with the Skype bundling package , which they couldn't deliver on .

They do engage with their customers to try and gauge customer satisfaction , which is highly commendable . Their customer service , just as allot of other companies for cost cutting reasons , have exported their customer service center to an Asian country where the customer adviser tries to answer all your questions with a drilled in answer formula , which Three hopes will cover all the questions you have , unfortunately they lack good listening skills which results in answers been given that isn't relevant to your question .

My contract with Three is up for renewal soon and unfortunately they have repaid my loyalty with giving new subscribers to their services better deals than what they are offering me , so I will look hard elsewhere for better deals when the time arrives .

I think Three is on the right path , but being the mobile entrepreneur that I am not , I would say they have made some bad choices along the way , but are trying to improve . Not much different from myself .

Update : 21 July 2013

I had to give Three another star as we had moved to a new house only to find out that I couldn't receive or make calls or use the broadband on my phone after checking that the coverage would be fine in the area . I called three technical support and they ran through some diagnostic tests to make sure that it wasn't my phone settings that effected the phone signal . I was impressed with the fact that every time I had called they had made notes on their system so I didn't have to repeat myself . The technical team were always polite and was reliable when they had made promises and within two days I was able to make and receive calls as well as being able to use my phone broadband again . Great work Three !
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