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Customer service?


Once you sign the contract they no longer care about you as a customer. I have put my phone in for repair for the SECOND time, and on the second occasion they gave me a phone which wouldn't charge. When I had to go back to the store yet again to change the battery it still didn't work. I called back, they said they didn't have any loan phones available yet and then tried to pin the blame on me for taking the battery (which is what they offered in the first place) and not the other loan phone in the shop. They're apparently the experts so they should have looked at my loan phone to see if there was at least any obvious defects.

They would not find another loan phone from another shop for me or take one from the stock room, they said that the loan phone for repairs is actually a goodwill gesture! Oh so I should be thankful to them for not fixing my phone and then giving me one that doesn't work and then providing absolutely no customer service. They don't test their loan phones and they won't even attempt to help you if you have any problems. I don't even understand why they have a customer services number.

Any time I've ever had a problem their reply is, 'well we really don't have to do it, we only sometimes do it as a goodwill gesture'. According to Three Trading Standards doesn't apply to them.

The call centre is a joke, it's like talking to robots. They always try to find a way to pin the blame on you, this is my first contract and I was not aware 0800 numbers were not free on a contract phone. When I was charge for them I called to have them reimbursed as it did not state anything about 0800 numbers on my contract. The customer service rep was rude, patronising and spoke to me as if I was stupid 'Everyone knows 0800 numbers aren't free on mobile phones'. It's also a nightmare to get a manager to call back, though after speaking to the manager he reimbursed the charges.

Their sales calls are aggressive, they don't listen to what you're saying. I repeatedly tell them I have no need for another contract but for some reason they keep trying to sell it. Now if they call I immediately hang up I've provided outstanding customer service to them for the amount of patience I've managed to have over the past 19 months!

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