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Today is the day i have been released from a 4 year sentence with 3 In the last 6 months of my sentence i have spent more time speaking to customer services than using my phone for what it was intended for i.e making calls text and browsing! my signal was degraded to the point of no service within half a mile of my property in fact when i was originally sold my contract i was assured by the 3 shop that 3 had coverage in my area they lied! my signal was apparently a weak 1 piggy backing off t mobile and orange. i had previously left orange because of poor coverage !!!!
in my time with 3 i have had to contact them to stop services that i have never accessed including football and other live streaming pay per view events which considering i didnt even have any mobile broadband during the last 2 year contract
it should of been impossible to start ! I didnt have access to planet 3 either to find out early that they were stealing! I have spent at least 2 months without any service at all until they supplied me with what they call a home signal box "This thing is more temperamental than a 1970s british leyland car" apparently you have to stab it with a tooth pick at least twice a week! i will be stabbing it with something more robust now "piece of S@$t" This led me to more hours of my life speaking to half a billion customer service reps reading from a script on a computer screen! Nobody in in that call center has a clue about dealing with customers and its not unusual to be passed on up to 5 times during a 1-2 hour call to repeat your life story i actually think its an in house joke between the call center staff to see how many times they can make you repeat a process until you crack !!!!
WATER TORTURE , 240 VOLTS ATTACHED TO YOUR GONADS all in a days work for 3 customer services!!
3 are cheap!!! but unless you live in an area with adequate reception and never need to speak to three's representatives don't waste your life like i have they turned my hair grey as a badgers ass!!
Three Mobile is a complete false economy !
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