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oh my, what a terrible company and customer service

Right, so I have been a 3 customer for years, in Ireland and the UK. But I just cant take their poor customer care and management team any more.

Their internet network speed is okay and coverage can be good depending where you live. However, the problems really start when you need their help. In my case I have a problem calling certain numbers abroad, from their network only! Right, I can call those international numbers from O2, EE (orange sim), Vodafone, Sky-landline, BT-landline, when roaming on 3 Ireland and when roaming in Germany on E-Plus. So, basically on all other networks that I have tested I can call the numbers, but not from my 3 UK mobile. Yes, I have international calls enabled.
However, their "customer care" members and management team just dont listen and get it! On all other networks I can call those international numbers, but not on their network ... yet ... they tell me it is not their problem. The fact is, its NEVER their problem ... always someone else.

Seriously, 3 UK are okay as long as you dont have problems. But then try cancelling ... good luck ... it took me over 50 minutes to get my pac code and I only got it because I told them I was now recording the call, and that I feel pressured and that they were engaging in a hard sell, which is illegal and I would contact Oftel.

BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD ... I have never ever experienced such bad customer care in my entire life. Even their escalation and management team are terrible. Yes, I have spoken to them all. They just repeat what their first line colleague had said. They can not even be bothered to say, "okay, that is really strange, let me investigate this".
Honestly, I rather pay 20 pounds more and have a network that works and where staff care ... but I guess you get what you pay for. ... cheap network ... staff on low wages ... can not be bothered about anything ...
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