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Customer Service is Free but my time is not. I give up.

1. Purchased Samsung S4 from them in July - the package was sent to the wrong address and it was picked up by the resident of that address. I rang them saying how come my phone was "picked up" on the delivery status and I am not aware of it. They accused me of lying and then two days later I got a parcel back with the phone inside. I did not bother ringing them back after that.

2. Three months later, I started experiencing issues with my Samsung S4. I launched the camera app one day and the whole app froze and nothing would happen, I restarted the phone and that fixed it, then two days later I was browsing photos on the train one day and it just suddenly shut down and would not restart.

3. I called them and told them about the issue, they suggested a factory restart so I went through and backedup all the images and data on my phone and they agreed to call me back the next day - I did not receive any phone calls from them.

I called again asking if they could send me a new headset now that we've tried the factory restart and confirmed that the hardware is faulty. They said no because Samsung provided a warranty for two years on this phone and because Samsung don't work Sundays I will have to try calling them back again during the week... What?! I made the agent aware that I am unable to unplug my phone without the unexpected shutdown and it is causing me a lot of inconveniences, he told me not to worry about it and that they will sort it out for me - erm, of course I worry about it. I've not received a reliable service from this company...and putting the blame on a vendor is not the answer.

Their customer service line is free for three customers, if you want to spend a long time on the phone explaining to them why having your phone fixed right away is important as part of the customer service then do sign up with Three!
They simply don't have a concept of customer service.
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