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Not able to tethering

I have just signed a contract with three mobile for 24 months, and I am already regretful.
First of all, the reception is horrible, I don't have any in my place of work, either in the college where I study.
Secondy, despite of having 2 GB data plan, I am not able to give Interenet to my laptot. This is the message I got.
Using your phone as a modem and connecting it to other devices through WiFi or USB to get onto the internet (also called 'tethering'), is not what the plan you're on was designed for. If you would like to speak to someone about tethering options available to you, please call 333 free from your Three phone.
What they say to me is that if I want to give Internet to my laptot I have to pay 7 pounds p/month. I have explained them that I only need to do this when the Internet at home is not working, is not even once a month. After being on the phone for 20 minutes 10 of them, speaking to a machine, the only solution is to pay extra.
Seriously, If you have a choice, do not choose three mobile!!
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