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Poor experience and won't be using ticketree.com again

I booked a package hotel and ticket to a theatre with ticketree. But when i got to the hotel (Holiday Inn) at 2pm (the check in time) i showed the member of staff on reception my confirmation of booking and reference number to found out that tickettree had booked it under a different name to mine, they had booked the room under an L Bradford instead of L Bedford, which created alot of confusion at the hotel and they couldn't check us into our room at this time. After speaking to the manager of the hotel and confirming my reference number and showing them my confirmation of the booking they agreed that the booking reference was the same as theirs just booked in the wrong name. While they were also looking at the confirmation they noticed they i had booked a double room, but in fact tickettree had actually booked a twin room and therefore they didn't have room ready for us to check in to at that time!! Not happy at this point!! We were told it would be another 1 and a half hours until we could check in. We were very unhappy with this, but it wasn't the person the reception's fault, it was tickettree's!!! So instead of being able to get into our room, we had booked, to put our personal belongings before were going to the show, we had to give our personal belongings to the receptionist to put in to a room to keep safe, while we go off to enjoying the show!!! At first we felt uncomfortable with, as we thought we would and should've checked in to our room i had booked, but we didn't want to carry them around London, so we gave them to the receptionist!!! That half an hour trying to sort everything, was not a very nice experience and can only blame tickettree and therefore me & my partner will not be using tickettree again!!!!
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    Reply from TicketTree.com

    Hi Lee,

    I am very sorry to hear that the confusion over the hotel room has resulted in such an unhappy experience. Please allow me to explain the situation. Firstly, the issue with the name on the booking was indeed our mistake; we have numerous systems and checks in place to prevent mistakes and, as a result, such issues are very very rare. I can only apologise that on this occasion a mistake managed to slip through.

    However, if you or the hotel had called our office, we would have been able to rectify the matter instantly (at the bottom of all TicketTree hotel vouchers is a contact number and a message asking the holder to call us if there are any problems). I would also say that we would expect the hotel to be able to deal with the error without such a disruption, considering your reference number matched theirs.

    Secondly, the issue with the room type was not our mistake. We booked your room as a double room, just as you requested and have confirmation from the hotel showing that we booked a double room.

    Therefore, the first error we accept as our own, the second error was entirely out of our control, and both errors could have been rectified in minutes if the hotel or yourself had contacted our office.

    If you would like to discuss the matter further, please do not hesitate to call or email and we will be happy to come to a satisfactory solution. It is a shame to hear that you will not be using our services again but if you do contact us, we can at least ensure that your grievances are resolved.

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