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Impossibly twisty

Bought a bunch of tiles at the beginning of the month which arrived just fine. Ordered some more 3 weeks later over the phone using the code and description from the first order. Two days later these arrive and the nightmare begins!
They look the wrong colour so I compare them to some from the first order and yep totally different.
Tell driver to take them back
Call Tile Supply Ltd and speak to <private data removed> who tells me that they are the correct tile (she even gives me the product description I ordered) and they can look brownish in certain lights. I tell her I have tiles from the previous order and they are definitely different. Then she tells me that I did not order the correct tiles and tells me a different product from the description she had previously given.
Next she tells me that I should have accepted the goods even if incorrect as stated on their website (I must say I could not find this, nor could I imagine it would even be legal), and that I should use a form from their website to advise the incorrect item. She then refused to discuss this further and put the phone down. Meanwhile I filled in the form and my wife rang <private data removed> who again refused to discuss replacement or refund and asked us not to call again!
Several days later we receive an invoice by email with an invoice date 5 days after the order was shipped, and the wrong tiles specified. The previous order of course had the invoice date the same as the ship date as is usual.
I have checked out internet history and we never looked at the tile they sent us, we used the invoice from the previous order for the details on the new order.
I ring <private data removed> again but she refuses to commit to any action other than to look at it sometime.
There is so much more, but we have never encountered anyone so rude, shifty and able to bare-faced lie without any embarrassment even when caught out. Now of course we have to source these tiles elsewhere and prepare legal action to recover our money.
Beware! Note that they trade under a bunch of different names <external links removed> and more all using the same premium rate phone number
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