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tell lies about returns policy

I went into the store in Bolton to return a Storm Digi Watch as it was faulty. This is the third time I have had to return these watches as only 1 out of 4 I bought is still working. These watches where supposed to be Christmas gifts.
I turn up with another watch, which had stopped working but could not find my receipt. The item was still with its tags and in a protective wrapper, The Manager looked at the item and refused to give me a refund, as I did not have the correct receipt with me.
This is complete lies as you do not need a receipt for an exchange or a credit note and as long as its faulty and you can prove you have bought the item from TK Maxx they should honour a full refund. Just ask Consumer watchdog regarding the "sales of goods act".
I had a headache, was not in the mood for an argument with the Manager, and walked away. It turned out that I had the correct receipt with me after all and went back to him.
He tried saying it is not the item on my receipt as they are not the same price. I told him the watch he is selling has the wrong price tag on it. I proved him wrong and received a full refund.
It turns out that TK Maxx is selling the same watch at completely different prices as they were Selling the Storm Digi for £29.99 and I paid £16.99. In this store, there was on the shelf the same watch at these two different prices.
I received no apology from him for messing me around.
I will be contacting Trading Standards and Consumer direct about them and their returns policies.
You can get some good deals but you need to check prices and I would never buy a watch there again as I had to return all but 1. So I now need to go Xmas shopping again.
Not happy one little bit.
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