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normally like transair but they let me down this timw

I Paid and order some german VFR Maps and oil for a ferry flight for Thursday.
I also paid for express delivery.
I did not receive it till friday SO 4 DAYS to come 95 miles !
Apparently there was a problem with the dispatch printer.
Luckly enroute to germany from bournemouth , I was able to buy some maps from [external reference] at lydd airport which cost me to land as well and time etc.
The time I spent at lydd nearly cause me to miss my flight home from berlin later that night after I delivered the aircraft.
So this prolong effect cause me to have a bad day at the office. The sales team at transair are were friendly, I think it was the dispatch section cause this.
    Transair Flight Equipment
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    Reply from Transair Flight Equipment

    Dear Mr Lea,

    Thank you for your review.

    We regret that due to a technical failure we were unable to despatch your order on the 3rd September 2013. In light of this incident, we have now amended our procedures which will reduce the likelihood of this occurring again.

    As a goodwill gesture all carriage charges were removed.

    Best Regards

    Andrew Bacon
    Customer services
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