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Unacceptable and deceitful conduct

I bought an item that I wanted to give as a present. I ordered in advance (more than 20 days before due date). Given that the item was delivered within the UK, I thought that would be enough. Unfortunately the item was not in stock (no mention of it in the website), but I was assured that the item would arrive in 1 week time. OK, I thought, I've still got enough time. After 2 weeks I had not received the item yet so I called them and they said there had been a delay in the delivery but they should receive it in a matter days. After 3 weeks no sign of the item so I called them again and they said that the item had just been delivered. The result is that I wanted to take the item with me to a trip and give it away as a present, but I did not receive the item on time.
I think the company has deceived me as if I had known before, I would have cancelled my order and turned to some more reliable supplier.
No compensation of any kind has been offered to me.
    Transair Flight Equipment
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    Reply from Transair Flight Equipment

    Dear Mr Trevisan,

    Thank you for your review.

    We regret that we are not currently able to display real time stock on our website, however, we are working on this and hope it will be available later this year.

    We attempt to contact all customers, who place orders that are out of stock, as soon as possible, and we advised you of the delay on the same day as the order was placed. At the time that we contacted you, and on the occasions that we spoke to you, the dates that we gave you were those given to us by our supplier. Unfortunately, our supplier was unable to fulfill these dates, and the item took longer to come in than was anticipated.

    This is not a situation that we are happy with, but we are only ever able to provide the information that we have at the time of contact.

    As soon as the goods arrived with us, we despatched your order. Please note that your card was not charged for the goods until they had been despatched to you. We do not charge for any item paid for by credit or debit card, until the item has been despatched.

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that this matter has caused. At no time have we set out to deceive you, or any of our customers. If the item has arrived too late, please contact me directly at and I will provide you with our Freepost address with which to return it to us. Provided that this is returned in a re-saleable condition, within 28 days, we will provide you with a full refund as laid out in our terms and conditions

    Best Regards

    Andrew Bacon
    Customer services
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