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Good price, but had to chase every step of the way.

I started off communicating with Jeremy via email, we discussed a very acceptable price for my round the world ticket however when it came to making final arrangements communication ceased. After a few attempts emailing and a few more calling I got through to him to discover I had missed the date for my ticket offer and need to wait a month or so for the next one. This seemed to be because he hadn't received my most recent emails.
Honestly, I find this more than a little odd considering we had being previously corresponding successfully.
After this news I requested he call me back the coming Friday with any news, a call didn't come. Again, I called and the next call back I requested didn't come either.
Eventually, I purchased a ticket at a slightly higher price, though I believe if I hadn't continually followed it up I don't think I would have a ticket at all. His lack of communication at the vital time has meant I have had to pay more than originally quoted and I would be interested to hear the companies thoughts on this.
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    Reply from Travel Nation

    Hello Jennifer,

    Firstly thank you very much for taking the time to review Travel Nation. Customer feedback is vital to us in maintaining our very high service standards, which we do manage to do for the majority of customers as the reviews on Trust Pilot show.

    However it is very clear from your review that we have not achieved these standards when dealing with you and for that I am very sorry. I have now looked into the correspondence between yourself and Jeremy throughout the booking process and have some comments to add below.

    Unfortunately in the middle of your email correspondence with Jeremy your emails stopped getting through our spam filter. This does happen occasionally when the rules are changed slightly by the software provider. It is deeply frustrating for both our customers and the consultants, but thankfully it is a relatively rare event. However we do spend a lot of time training our consultants to follow up any email correspondence with phone calls to ensure that emails are not lost. This clearly did not happen in this case. We are currently working on a system to take the quoting process away from email to ensure such situations do not occur again in the future.

    It is also clear to me that Jeremy did not pro-actively contact you when the ticket deadline was approaching - something he should have done. We would normally be very keen to speak to you if you had expressed an interest in a ticket, especially if this ticket was a special offer and had a deadline to book. I am sorry that this didn't happen.

    I am also very disappointed to hear about the failure to fulfill promises regarding future communication. We work very hard to get back to customers at the agreed times and I fully appreciate how irritating it is when this isn't achieved.

    I will be following up all of your comments with Jeremy directly and will ensure that he understands the importance of responding to customers in a timely manner within the agreed time-frames.

    I have looked into the prices that you were quoted and I can see that the final price for your trip was £50 more than originally quoted. As a gesture of good-will and to reflect that fact that if we had followed up on our promises you would have paid the lower fare, I would like to offer you a discount of £50.

    Please respond directly to myself on the email below if you would like to discuss any of the above any further and to arrange your refund.

    Kind regards
    Matt Hodgson
    General Manager

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