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Terrible, terrible, terrible - will never ever use again!!

On arrival at our hotel (12.15pm) all the facilities were closed, the pool was even empty. The hotel advised us that they had notified TR of this 2-weeks before our travel. We were offered alternative facilities, by the hotel, and went to have a look. It took us 17 minutes to walk to this hotel. We then decided to call TR and ask for their assistance.
Initially I was on the phone for 2-hours, of which they promised to call back (they didn't I had to call them). We we then offered two alternative accomodations but for extra costs. However, due to being tired and very upset II begrudgingly paid £65 on my credit card to move to alternative accomodation with a lower star rating.
Please note that within these phone calls the TR representative confirmed that they had been let down by their supplier and were NOT responsible for us within resort.
On arrival at our new accomodation I was presented with a further bill of 280 euros. We were not able to access our room until I paid it. I therefore called TR again, whereupon the service was appalling. They hung up on us several times. They had lost all recall of the previous 2-hours!
The hotel told us that TR had not paid the bill. TR blamed it yet again on thier supplies HRS, based in Germany. I then had to call HRS in Germany on my mobile phone. TR promised to call us back on several occassion but didn't.
In summary 7 HOURS later, with a drained iphone (due to all the calls to sort it), paying an extra £65 - two very tired and upset single ladies were finally able to get into a room!!!
Travel Republic should not be able to offer holidays and let this happen, it was really very very upsetting!
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