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Beware there's a catch!!

I have just purchased a bracelet for my partner for valentines day which was also an extra to the engagement ring that i pulled out of my sleeve!! Unfortunately the bracelet was delivered with stones missing from the beads.Although it was replaced without any resistance the big let down is that your expected to pay for the privilege to return the item at the special delivery rate so in affect your being charged for the damage!!!
Not the service that you would expect from a company like Tresor,and just to let you know that the customer service department are programmed robots given the level of responses that you get to your complaints,all in all i would strongly recommend that if purchasing Tresor products you do it in store and steer well clear of the web!!
    Tresor Paris
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    Reply from Tresor Paris

    We are sorry you received you bracelet damaged. The bracelet would have been checked before it left our offices, so we assume that the damage was made in the postal system to yourself. I have reviewed your order records and it states only one stone was missing from the bracelet. We advised that we would email you details on how to send the bracelet back to us. In between the email and you returning the item to us we have no record of you querying the postage costs or requesting a prepaid envelope. We cannot refund the postage after you have paid for it so as we have advised you, we have given you reward points to the value of the postage.
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