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Only leading fiction authors with a grudge need apply

What is the point of a review site? No, I really mean that, what is the point?

Is it to help people make a decision over something? It sounds like a grand idea, get everyone who travels, stays at hotels and take holidays to rate them. That way we all get an honest point of view about that product or service before we make a disasterous uninformed decision of our own.

Tripadvisor have taken a good idea and piled it upon piles of other ideas, like a mountain of dead donkey's rotting and steaming and stinking of yesteryears fashions they have missed the fundemental requirement for a review site and that's relevancy. Good and useful reviews pushed aside in favour of the interloper or paid promotion.

It wouldn't matter if the results were good but they're not. It would be better if it was easy to use, but they the bubble searches funnel you toward their paying customers and highlight the bad reviews for businesses that refuse to engage or advertise with them.

As a potential user it annoys me that the scope of my horizon is limited by a short sighted group of editors vying for their next pay-packet by targeting the highest bidder and whose each new article is better than the next.

Tripadvisor is a hideous embarrassment to the travel and leisure industry and the aetiology of Internet success. The better they do the harder it becomes for users to benefit.

If you venture to Tripadvisor then this is my advice: Remember to take sunscreen and be careful whose advice you buy.
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