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It's worth saving the money!

As a previous user of I now switched to the - in my opinion - much more developed hotel search engine Unfortunately trivago does not provide a flight comparison, yet (again! as they already had a beta out for that I believe), but I can still use other platforms for that.

So then, why trivago? As a matter of fact, I’m quite a travelling expert and have visited umpteen of countries, cities and of course hotels – or at least buildings that labeled themselves as such. Due to my bad as well as good experience I’m always looking for hotels with good reviews and an overall user satisfaction. I think I can get that from trivago, as they have a strong community behind their site. If I made a bad experience with a “hotel” I always try – of course time is the issue here – to let other users know to just make the site even more useful for other users like me. Of course there are a few areas that are not as well developed yet, I saw that on the other platforms outside UK – there is still a lot of development going on from their side – but I believe it’s going somewhere.

Besides the reviews / ratings I very much like the clean and simple design, the colors of the logo look appealing to me, in general the whole look and feel (also of the TV spot! Have you seen the last one with the bearded guy? Mhhh… sorry ;-)). I also think it’s very intuitive to use.

It’s just great to be able to compare so many different platform just on one site and generally saves a lot time and money– it’s like Google for hotels ;-) Without advertisement, though! Very nice! This makes me feel like the results are independent and not sponsored by certain partners, and that I really get the best price there is and not depending on how much a partner paid for his result to be on top. With the money to save I always give myself a treat – some exceptional dinner or an extra jet-ski ride, more souvenirs…I think you get the point. Why wasting money for getting exactly the same hotel? Try trivago!!!

Thank you trivago for many, many successful hotel findings…and more to come!
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