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Poor service, 1 very poor product thrown in the bin, order salvaged by helpful member fo staff

I placed an order for 10 trophies, 2 were out of stock, so pictures of 2 alternatives were offered to me (pictures were sent to me).

8 arrived the day before I had arranged, including 1 atrocious product that I simply threw in the bin (half-cricket ball on stand, truly rubbish) and 1 arrived the following morning, meaning I was 1 short. The 8 delivered, included 2 trophies that had the wrong plaque on them and of the 2 from my order that were out of stock originally, neither the originals, nor the agreed alternatives were supplied, 2 'others' were sent.

I sent an email explaining the issue but given we were close to our presentation evening, I simply placed another order and chased up the missing trophy. This additional order was correct so between the 2 orders I had acceptable trophies, the incorrect ones I simply threw in the bin.

I will not be buying from you again
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    Dear Mr Trevor Allum re Orders: 245959 & 247509
    Thank you for your review however hard it is to read.
    The first order Mr Allum placed on 23rd September at 9.44pm (all cricket awards) had a couple of out of stocks or discontinued items. Unfortunately the trophy business is very seasonal with a mad cricket rush at this time of year. Whilst we update the website all the time suppliers are selling out every day. The retailers in the industry cannot carry stock of every item as there are over 15,000 individual awards and no real short cut to cover every sport and activity. Such a stock holding would require £50k to £100k of stock and most retailers total turnover is less than £60k. Whilst we are the longest established and probably the largest online trophy supplier we also do not hold total stock of every item.
    On 24th September (day after order) my colleague Sandi found you suitable replacements that you were happy with. One of these replacements was from showroom stock and we sent a photograph of it to you - which you duly approved. This was the trophy that Meg forgot to send so when your order was despatched on 30th September well in advance of your presentation date of 5th October. You were one trophy short on the order and Meg also put the wrong engraving plates on the trophies that she had sent. Hence your first e-mail to Sandi saying you had the wrong trophies for various recipients, though switching the engraving plates solved most of this and we could send out new engraving plates if needed. Then, Meg sent the missing trophy out on its own. You then emailed again saying that the missing trophy has turned up but because one of the trophies that you had chosen (not one that we had sub'd) was "horrible rubbish" you were going to throw it away - you then placed another order (a) to replace the trophy you had discarded and (b) for an additional trophy.
    All of your order, complete and correct was with you before your presentation date. In addition we did not charge you for the second delivery when you ordered an extra trophy as a gesture of good will.
    The trophy you did not like was JR6-RF916B (TY57-916B) is it 102mm in height and less than £4.79 +VAT. We have to serve a vast range of requirements from £1 trophies to £5000 trophies. The internet does mean you don't see until you receive but the internet also allows the buyer to return any item for exchange or refund even if there is nothing wrong with it.
    Despite all of the supply difficulties and limited time, we got everything to you in time and rectified any problems.
    It is a terrible shame that after all that effort you have advised you will never order from us again. It is certainly no reward for trying to put things right.
    You will find other suppliers would just have said there's nothing they can do and refund you as necessary and be done with it. We will never do anything other than the very best we can to ensure that it's all right on the night ... even when it means we make a loss.
    I value your custom and that of every one of our 100,000 customers to date, however big or small their order. I wish I could do it all myself and every order was perfect but we have to rely on humans and most humans will make mistakes much as I hate to admit it. It's surely how one goes about rectifying problems that count ... isn't it?
    I am very sorry you are so unhappy. I would certainly do anything to restore your faith. Do let me know if such an opportunity exists.

    Yours sincerely

    Jason Rich
    CEO & Founder
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