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A bit unsure of this one

When I first came upon this site, I really liked it as I thought I was getting honest opinions of shopping sites. I even posted a couple of reviews of companies I had bought from and after reading comments about companies I was thinking of buying from changed my mind about them and tried another company which had good reviews. So far so good. That is until I bought furniture from and received below par furniture, I posted a review which was removed, I received an email from trustpilot asking me to verify I actually had dealings with the company as the company could not verify I was a customer from the information on the trustpilot website. I sent trustpilot my receipt to prove I was a genuine customer but almost two weeks later my review is still not showing. On scrolling down the reviews of this company I noticed they had excellent reviews but a lot of reviews had been removed and were being investigated, I assume they were giving negative feedback like myself. What is the point of ths site if the company who gives bad service or sells rubbish stuff can get the reviews removed? Starting to think this might not be a site I can trust.
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    Reply from Trustpilot

    Dear Linda,

    Thanks for your comments. We are very aware of the issue and we apologise!

    At the moment however we are experiencing an abnormally high load of support tickets - thus creating a backlog of handling your requests and inquiries. Unfortunately this can mean a longer response time.

    At the same time we are going through structural changes in our Customer Service, building on your responses, types of inquiries and further needs - all aimed at being able to provide you with the best possible service.

    We therefore ask you in the meantime to be patient while we work hard on providing you with a better Trustpilot customer service experience.

    I promise you will receive a response to your mail as soon as possible. You are helping to make the site and the reviews better, and you should have thanks for that!

    Thank you for your understanding and patience.

    With kind regards,

    Peter - Trustpilot Customer Service
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