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Good Reliable Site

I have been using Trustpilot for a few months now and although it isn't perfect I do think it is a far better and bigger review site than most .

People rightly are sceptical about giving their personal details out via a Facebook login ; however this makes the authenticity of reviews far better for me . Yes , you could create a fake facebook account , but who would go through all that trouble when there are review sites out there that let's you leave anonymous reviews .

I am not a business owner yet , but I have found that there were some pretty unreasonable reviews on Trustpilot too , some which some companies perhaps haven't reported yet , but that I did . This helps to self regulate the site and keep the reviews more authentic .

Where I do think Trustpilot could improve is their categories section . I have many a time searched for a coach company under their travel categories , only to come up empty handed . What I was looking for was the highest rated coach company , not a specific name .

Companies who complain that Trustpilot is making money have double standards as I am sure that their aim is to make money too . The money they generate pays a few people's salaries and possibly keeps their employees from claiming on an already burdened benefit system amongst other things .

Keep up the good work
    TrustScore 6.1 / 10
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    Reply from Trustpilot

    Hi Arthur,

    Thanks for your positive review and your well-explained suggestions.

    As Trustpilot grows the Categories section becomes more important. So in the near future, we will work on improving this part, so it becomes more useful. Nothing is decided so far, so we welcome all kind of feedback we get in this matter.

    We are happy that you take your time to write detailed reviews and reporting unreasonable reviews. That's the best way to make Trustpilot more useful for other consumers.

    Best regards,
    Joakim Ditlev
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