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If you are a customer, you can blackmail, bribe, coart, or get free stuff from any company just by threatening a false review with Trustpilot.

This company does not care who gets hurt, and will not let a company remove itself once joined which surely must contravene membership laws.

As a company holder, I now have various fake people slating my company - people who not even used my company but have been told to register on here.
I will be contacting trading standards as TRUSTPILOT is full of fake reviews - just look at THEIR OWN REVIEWS!!

(Being trustpilot - I expect they will delete this review..)
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    Reply from Trustpilot

    Hi Kevin

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    You are right that some people use review sites like Trustpilot to force companies to give discounts, etc. We are well aware of this and one the most effective ways to get around it is the reporting function.

    The main purpose of Trustpilot is to enable consumers to share experiences with the companies they buy from. As it's an open platform where anyone can contribute, we also made it possible for any consumer or company to report reviews. That can be used if there is doubt about whether the review is written by a real customer.

    Once reported, one of our employees in Community Support will investigate the issue. Depending on the reason why the review was reported, we may ask the reviewer for further information via email. When the investigation is done the review will either be restored or removed permanently.

    I would recommend you to report suspicious reviews on your own company profile. Please note that an unfair review is still considered valid if the reviewer can prove his/her purchase.

    You can read more about reporting reviews here:

    I hope this helps.

    Joakim Ditlev
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