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Good for reviews

Its good to read reviews of company's you might be thinking of buying from but it only gets four stars because Trustpilot asked me send proof of purchase and to edit my review of yodel which I did,I got the email its gone live which it has not its still blocked ,What was the point .Changed to Five stars as my review of yodel has just been updated.
    TrustScore 6.1 / 10
    1,021 Reviews

    Reply from Trustpilot

    Hi Andy

    Thanks for using Trustpilot and taking time to give us feedback.

    In particular, we are happy about the final star you awarded us, after we've investigated your reported review.

    We want to ensure that the reviews you read here are written by real customers. Based on your feedback it seems like our processes to ensure the quality of the reviews are working well.

    I've shared your review with our customer service department. They are not used to this kind of positive feedback.

    I hope to see even more reviews from you in the future.

    Joakim Ditlev
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