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Big Disappointment...

During the last few month I have had the most terrible experience with this platform's service.

I had posted a review for a company I've been using for quite some time. Without any explanation whatsoever my review got suspended. When I tried to find out what was wrong I was asked to provide information and documentations containing personal information. As I was trying to be helpful I sent them what they requested and for weeks there was no response. During this time I was unable to even log into my account. I got banned for no reason and they had basically accused me of posting a lie!

I got so frustrated I tried to contact some of the other people who had posted reviews for the same company. Imagine my surprise when I found out I was not the only one going through all this. "Trust"Pilot had requested at least three more people for documentation containing information about their purchases and their addresses and phone numbers! Who do they think they are?

Now a few email complaints later I was finally granted the permission to use their service again. My initial review was deleted. I would not be surprised if this one gets deleted, too. Apparently if you write something they do not like your review disappears. And your account is to follow.

I just found out that there were other people who went through the same issues but their reviews did not get deleted and are still on the site. I would very much like to receive an explanation. Why was my review deleted? What exactly didn't TrustPilot like about it? Was it against some rules? What was the reason?
I believe I deserve an explanation.
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    Reply from Trustpilot

    Dear Marie

    Thank you for your review. Apologies for the delay of the answer. We also saw you wrote on Facebook, so we haven't forgotten you.

    I am sorry to hear, that you have had a bad experience using Trustpilot.

    I have looked at your case, and I am able to see, that we have been investigating the reviews of the company in question. When we investigate reviews on Trustpilot, we look at several different factors such as same ip, date and email patterns.

    We have investigated the reviews of the company in question on Trustpilot, and we have concluded, that they don't follow our guidelines. Therefore we have chosen to archive them.

    I will not be able to change the decision taken by our Quality and Compliance team, but I thank you for your feedback. We will take it in to consideration, when handling similar cases in the future.

    Kind regards
    Kasper Mazanti Mikkelsen
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