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complete joke.. and hardly a fair representation.. legal action to be taken

this site is not a fair or accurate representation of a business. period.
unless you pay them the only people who post reviews are people who wish to leave negative reviews.
I'n my situation I did not even know people had left poor reviews.. when i found out i logged in and atleast responded to the bogus reviews..(zero verification needed just an email address was needed to leave a review at this time) I then began sending customers to this site proactively only to hear back from my customers that the site would not let them leave a positive review. when i inquired i was told my "trial period" had expired. what trial period? then later on i received another poor review.. hmm strange.. I thought the trial period had expired? it seems that they will let in negative reviews to try and get you to pay for their service so you can bring your rating back up.. That is not a fair and accurate representation and its bordering on criminal.
another example of how this site is not accurate would be lets say you sell 90,000 items in a year and 7 people leave negative reviews.. that would be way less than half a percent of the customers yet would be a terrible rating on trustpilot because you have to pay in order to get new positive reviews... I would suggest very strongly that trust pilot level the playing field or they are going to end up with a class action law suit. perhaps there already is?
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    Reply from Trustpilot

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for your feedback. I was not able to find out which company you represent, which makes it harder to give some good feedback, but let me try anyway.

    If you signed up for a trial account you get an Business user account and access to reply and report reviews on behalf of your company. There's a verification process to make sure that business user accounts get into the right hands.

    In addition, the signup includes a two week trial to most features on Trustpilot Business. If you decide not to become a paying subscriber, you are back to the basic features limiting you to commenting and reporting to reviews on behalf of your company. This means that you can still manually encourage your customers to leave a review on Trustpilot, even if you don't subscribe to our service for automated collection of reviews.

    I hope this explains things a little better. If your business user account for some reason does not give you access to replying to reviews, I would advise you to write to with further details about your company and domain.

    Joakim Ditlev
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