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Concept issues

Today I found I was unable to login to Trustpilot. The reason maybe that I was trying to access the .com domain rather than the domain and having a UK IP address may have caused a security concern (IE: potential fake reviewer). For that I am unsure of and the customer support completely evaded my entire email when I contacted them.

But it brought up an interesting issue for me. The whole social media connection is a big turn off for some reviewers. I have no shame in admitting that I have bought from and therefore reviewed on Trust-pilot; online adult toy shops and that is the problem.

While I may not have an issue reviewing these stores, I of course do not want it linked to my social media accounts in anyway what so ever as I obviously connect with relatives which could lead to some awkward moments.

In that case, should I want to leave genuine feedback, I would be forced to create a fake facebook profile (which is just as easy as making a new email), which undermines the whole point of using facebook logins to avoid fake reviews.

Rather than use social media, perhaps a better solution would be to make trust-pilot require a mobile/cell device to activate your account here and that number can only be associated with one account at a time. Removal of a number would mean the profile becomes inactive until a new valid number is associated with it again.

This way privacy is kept for the customer reviewing a site and will also limit the number of fake reviews as most people do not carry multiple mobile phones. Just a thought.

While the concept of trust-pilot is a good one and has certainly helped me chose to shop at (or not) a specific store, there are far better ways to try and eliminate fake reviews than social media.
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    Reply from Trustpilot

    Hi and many thanks for your constructive feedback.

    I totally understand teh fact that you don't want to publicly share on Facebook that you have reviewed a certain company. It is actually possible to deactivate social settings. If you login to your profile, then click on your picture and Choose "Go to my profile", then find and click on "Edit my settings" and finally "My social settings". There you will be able to deactivate the option to share your reviews on your wall.
    Alternatively you can also go on Facebook >> Account Setting >> Apps >> Trustpilot and choose "Only me" as for who can see posts this app makes for you on your Facebook timeline.
    We hope that this would be helpful for you as well as other users.
    We are currently working on new identification methods and we will certainly take your idea into consideration.

    Kind regards,
    Bertrand Carton
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