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Forced to use facebook as log in

I hate being forced to use facebook as log in.
And trustpilot doesn't allow you to create an account without using your facebook.
Which forced me to create a fake profile, just to write a review. (Incl. this one)

Respect people's privacy, and make it an option to use your service without creating a fake facebook. Use some SMS confirmation if it's because you wanna validate people.
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    Reply from Trustpilot

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for reviewing Trustpilot.

    I’m sorry to hear that you don’t like the connect options via Facebook. We are aware of the issue and acknowledge that not everyone is in favor of using Facebook. However, the validation of user profiles via Facebook helps us drive Trustpilot in the right direction. We believe the review platform should contain as few anonymous profiles as possible. In addition, by requiring user validation via Facebook we see less fake user profiles. So validation through Facebook helps us achieving those goals, although it’s not the perfect solution.

    We are looking into other options for social validation. How that will work and when it will be live is too early to tell.
    Your suggestion to validate via SMS is a good idea that I forwarded to the product development team.

    Please note, that it’s also possible to get a user profile by getting an email invitation from a company that uses our automatic feedback service to invite all their customers to write a review. When that happens we know that we are dealing with real customers and additional validation is not required.

    Joakim Ditlev
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