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Not objective. Allows malicious reviews that are not relevant to customer service.

See this malicious review here from user Bill Carroll:

Since when it is acceptable to allow a review to stand for an order that is 4 years old because the ex client refused to pay for an additional service 4 years after the original order?

What kind of behavior is that TrustPilot?

I would say to companies looking to sign up to trustpilot to be very aware that disgruntled and bitter clients with an agenda can post anything they like for orders going back many years if you fail to service those clients for free now.

This is a ridiculous abuse TrustPilot. This malicious and vengeful review is to do with revenge for our refusing to supply additional service for free. For you to allow that to stand is a disgrace and it lowers the TRUST value of trustpilot.

Without have no Trust Pilot!
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    Reply from Trustpilot

    Hello Simon,

    Thanks for your feedback. It seems like an unfortunate situation between you and your customer.

    Our quality and compliance work is focused on making sure that reviews are written by real customers, but the actual content in the review is the reviewer’s responsibility. We don’t judge whether the customer's story is fair, right or wrong - that's up to other consumers to evaluate.
    By posting a reply you have already showed that your company is serious about the negative feedback. That adds trust in the eyes of other potential customers.

    Best regards,
    Joakim Ditlev
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