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They chase you for money when you don't owe it - BT website Solutions / Ufindus.

BT website solution as is now, but were Ufindus in a previous life.

Very disorganised company, who are totally ruthless when it comes to charging customers.

We were chased by them for a payment 2 domains we cancelled the year before and they would not accept that we cancelled these domains.

They Insisted that we pay or they would switch off our main domain as they had allocated payment for our main primary domain to the outstanding bill we should not have paid for as we had cancelled it 1 year before.

Although they had this cancellation on their records, they still renewed the domain and tried to charge us for it. This is sharp practice in our opinion.

We had to pay because they were threatening to switch off our main domain.

After a few weeks i progressively moved all our domains to 123.reg as we felt that they, BT Website solutions payments dept were being very unreasonable.

We have now completely left BT Website Solutions some months ago and last Friday we got another spurious bill for advertising with them which again we don't owe.

How many accounts departments get these bill and just pay them without checking they actually owe any money ? I would suspect a lot.....

My advice is not to use this company, as they chase and chase and chase for money that is not owed. They don't reply to e mails when you tell them you owe nothing either. We will never use them or BT ever again due to the total unprofessional nature of their business. All for a spurious bill of circa £50.00 It must have cost them £1000.00 plus to collect it. It beggars belief how naive these people can get.

My honest business advice would be to avoid them............
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7 good leads

Bit costly fro the return last time, but had 7 decent leads which got us a least 2 long term clients. Just renewed our contract with them for a further 12 months. Managed to get a reduced price this time, hoping for more leads this time.

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