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Super-fast delivery & top-quality product at a reasonable price point.

I'm a bit of a bargain-hunter & research thoroughly before placing orders online. UK-Eliquid was where I decided to shop this time & I was _not_ disappointed!

So anyway, just received a couple of CE5 Clearos in the post for my relatively-new eGo-C (tank) 1100 mAh. Before the eGo, I was using SkyCigs which, while a decent introduction to vaping, have a couple of faults: short battery life (100mAh) & a constant need to refill cartos. Next was my desire to improve upon the 'tank' system which comes with the eGo-C. It's fine for vapour-production, flavour, etc, but a bit messy once the silicon has worn (which occurs fairly soon; after just a few refills).

Wow! This rambling mess is more of a review of my hardware than my shopping experience. Let's get to the point! I can highly recommend the CE5 clearomizers from UK-Eliquid. Brilliant bit of kit.

Will DEFINITELY shop at UK-Eliquid again.

Thank you VERY much.

(n.b. I was not given any incentives WHATSOEVER to write this review. I simply believe that good, honest traders should be recognised as such.)
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