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Wasted my time - Out of pocket. Thanks.

I had to rearrange delivery as I work during the week and no one was home to sign for the parcel. I had to take an unpaid day off work today to wait all day from 7am-7pm for delivery. However by 6pm nothing had come.

I phone their CS to find that it was supposed to be out today but was at the depo still. The guy on the phone (who sounded like a 12 year old boy) didn't know why and had no solutions for me. I had to be the one to give him options of offer me. Useless. They are not pro-active people.

The depo is 15min drive away. Unfortunately I can't drive, and I'm not prepared to pay £25 for a taxi there and back. They couldn't make an exception for me to get the item out to me before the depo closed at 8pm.

I had to ask for a pre-12 delivery the next day as the boy didn't know what to do. Thus, today I have wasted my time and I am now £160 out of pocket, plus I now have to take another day off work tomorrow unpaid.

I get no compensation for this loss, or anything from UK Mail to keep me as a customer.

The website is terrible - unable to track where the parcel is apart from a note that states expected delivery date. Plus their are no time blocks to choose a delivery to suit me.

I couldn't collect on a Weekend as it's not an option on the website.

Worst parcel company I've ever used.
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