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United Services is an experienced Hereford based company, providing our professional, tailor-made cleaning service for both domestic and business clients, in Hereford. United Services understands the need for a swift, efficient and thoroughly competent domestic cleaning service to take care of the little things that get in the way of your life or your business runing as smoothly as you need it to. We have built our office cleaning and domestic cleaning reputation on providing a punctual and reliable service with careful and specific attention to detail. All of United Services domestic cleaners are experienced and carefully vetted, so that, together with our comprehensive insurance, you can rest assured that your premises will be treated with respect and confidentiality. Why choose us: United Services provides in domestic cleaning and office cleaning the same cleaner on each service (where possible) Immediate cleaner replacement in case of holiday/sickness/etc. Our cleaners are local citizens No minimum term contract Receipts and invoices on request On-site inspections regularly carried out to monitor work quality and staff performance.

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Call us on: 07778478435
We live here: 32 Grove Road
HR1 2QP Hereford
United Kingdom


United Services NS Ltd is ranked 7 out of 11 in the category

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