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I just read Peter’s glowing review of 15/2/2012 and am utterly amazed; Vax could not have done better if they had written it themselves!
He admits to mistreating his vacuums, yet claims to get parts replaced without question, rating the 6 year guarantee as fantastic.
My recent experiences cause me to share other’s opinions that the Customer Care service is simply appalling and I come to the conclusion that the so called guarantee is not worth the paper it is written on, even detracting from your statutory rights because you are obliged to deal with Vax, rather than the place it was bought from.
I purchased a Zen Mach 2 Pet which still functions perfectly, apart from the fact that it has started to overheat and cut out after prolonged use, though once it is allowed to cool down it will again work normally.
I made repeated calls to Customer Care, with its money-spinning 0844 number and invariable twenty plus caller queues, and each time the “advisor” insisted that an internal blockage was to blame.
Eventually one conceded that the machine needed replacing but asserted that the guarantee was invalid, due to my admission that the cable may have been inadvertently extended past its warning marker tape.
Unhappy with this outcome I attempted to complain, eventually writing to Vax after their automated handling system continued to reply to emails with error messages and invitations to try again.
Their interpretation of the warranty is that any possible misuse invalidates it, whether such misuse relates to the defect or not and, although there is no actual cable fault, they claim that their engineers would be at risk if they worked on the machine.
(I have pointed out to them that users would be subject to the same risk should the cable be accidentally over extended if the marker is not constantly observed)
They then went on to tell me how happy their staff would be to advise me how to unblock the (non-existent) blockage that they had diagnosed (presumably I could then continue to use the machine in its “dangerous” condition) and that if I wished to discuss the matter further I should contact Customer Care Line on 0844 128 455!
Seems to me that I am not the only one to get this sort of treatment (see previous review) and that it has become Vax policy to get out of their guarantee on any pretext hoping that people will just give up and go away.
Even Dyson could not beat them in court so I think it would be futile to go down that route, but feel that posting a few YouTube video reviews might get them to buck their ideas up!
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