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So much hope, so little joy

I brought their Air3 Complete package from their website for £159. Firstly no delivery upgrade options so I had to wait a week for delivery.

Then when the unit arrived there are no real instructions just a note saying to log on to their website for more info - yet their website hasnt anything for that machine (apparently its too new!).

So when the hose wouldnt fit on the brush head I called them... wait aminute thats on 0844 number charged at 4.8p/min - not much but by the time you have gone through their countless menus of press this for that and that for this and waited.... and waited you have soon cloacked up 20 minutes or almost a £1 where a normal number would have been free in my call allowance.

The lady I spoke to was very nice but unable to help offering to send parts out for this brand new machine but that would have taken 5 to 10 working days to come. She offered to exchange the machine but that would take a couple of weeks too by the time the broken one is collected and the new one is supplied. Clearly a company from past times when such a speed was..... hang on was it ever that slow?

I took the return option and wait, they send a label and a bag out 2nd Class post and then you have to arrange collection with their courier... they cant email it because there is a bag (not that the original parcel came in a bag, just a box) and the label has a barcode so you cant possibably print it at home (someone ought to tell amazon you have that kind so slick its almost fun).

Then theres a 30 day persiod to get your money back making sure you have incurred interest on your card or had to folk out the money anyway and presumably how Vax make their money beacuse I cant imagine anyone wanting to but that cheap plastic tat with even cheaper customer service.
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