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VB a load of crap.

As a VB customer for a number of years I was happy to TRUST VB and paid for an upgrade from VB3 To VB4. Some small problems, but I wanted any extra security I could get. So far so good.

When VB 5 came out I checked and was appalled to see how IB and VB had launched an incomplete version to apparently hit a deadline with scant regard for their customers.
I think we have all seen what a total flop VB is.

Regarding the support on VB.org. Many are PAID employees of VB, some are volunteers and are to be applauded for using their own time to assist customers.

However there are major faults with the way VB.org operates. Many of the mods and admins seem more concerned with showing off about how they have the buttons and can "show" the members and VB customers who is in charge. Than actually help them.
With frequent deletions of valid comments and banning of any who they feel are not posting complimentary things about VB or them.

What stands out clearly: Some of the members and customers who complained about the crap that is VB5 were chastised in public and called stupid for actually trusting VB and purchasing their product! WTF!!!

So much for the ethics of the staff of VB.

My personal recommendation is that anyone who is thinking of purchasing any VB product look elsewhere.
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