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Use to be the best. now the worst forum comapny on the web

What was once considered the gold standard is not one of the worst products being sold on the internet. Not sure where to start, but if you do buy this software, do you're self a favor and read the licensed feedback section (hidden unless your a customer) on their forums before you download the software. The reason being is once you download the software you can't request a refund and if you're not a customer you can't read about all the unhappy customers they have until you buy their product.

I would also highly recommend you try and use their own forums on the official vBulletin site before you buy. It should also be noted that their own parent company does not use the latest on any of their own forums, let alone most of their own sites are still running the old Jelsoft version (3.x) because for some reason they don't have confidence to use their own software. Granted they will tell you that those forums are heavily modified and can't be upgraded. Which brings us to the next point, if their own forums are heavily modified you can never upgrade them. I say it's a company not willing to eat their own dog food.

Then there is their current management staff and developers (those who are left). Sr. management doesn't have a clue on running or using a forum. Why else would they not frequent their own support forums. The one Product Manager who actually asked questions in the forums has left or been fired. However staff will say he was not management (confused so are so many others). Try and find his thread asking for suggestions on what to fix next...... yes asking what to fix next. you could start with all the bugs you're required to post in their bug tracker. They don't accept bug posts in their forums. They will tell you it has to go in the tracker or they will not be fixed.

Did I mention you should try their support forums yourself? That's, when the server they are running on, is not down because of broken hardware. Seems those SSD drives don't help with the speed of their site or the longevity of the server itself. You have SSDs on your shared or dedicated server don't you?

What about support, you're 30 day ticket support starts when you download the software. You may not have it installed yet, might be waiting for all those features that where promised (hey we now how that worked out with vB4x) or for the software to actually work. Can't get it installed, then their professional installation may help. Underline "MAY". But before letting them download it for you, make sure if they can't get it installed (as long as you meet the requirements) make sure they will refund you both the installation fee and the software fee.

Don't want their latest half working, slow and feature missing product called vB5, and would like vB 3 (recommended and still unofficially supported from them - really a unsupported product but seeing as all their sites still run this version they still release fixes and updates when they need it) or vB4.x (granted does not work with the latest ie and php and still missing all those features) you're in luck.. well not luck but vB can only sell you the full vB5 but you can downgrade (price not software) your purchase by installing one of the lesser products. confused again, welcome to the wonderful word of vB

My advice stay far away and look elsewhere.
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