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Trustfull site in the end

Good points:
- tickets announced received in the end

- communication
- customer service
- avoid not applicable fees, known as such from beginning

Tickets first announced as to be sent to home address, were then asked to be delivered to hotel at event city before changed to pick up at viagogo defined address 3 days before event.
It seems, that it's a common (viagogo customer service employee words) for football event to pick up tickets, which is fine, but would be good:
- not to ask for delivery fee which is actually not applicable (25€ "only")
- and let people know when eventually they call, rather then ask for alternative delivery address in the town of the event.
As well, the customer service is extremely variable depending on the person you are talking to. Ask for confirmation email every time, as some changes are NOT done by some of the people that you will have on the phone. So don't hesitate to call back, just to make sure (ok, if you make it through loong wait time on the phone).
But in all, we do pay higher price, that all the second hand market is about, so have to accept it, or else go and try find tickets elsewhere, but you eventually receive them ok in the end if you respect Their conditions.
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