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Dont waste your money - they are a joke

The company is a joke. I tried to purchase tickets 6 times. After it had said the transaction had gone through, I would get a message 30 minutes later saying the transaction was cancelled. This was both through the website, and their phone centre after waiting for ages to speak to anyone, and trying a range of different cards (to try and work around them saying it was a problem with my bank).
I tried one more time and the transaction went through. Finally!
Then I got another message about 4 hours later saying a transaction they had previously told me had failed had now gone through. So I had bought the same tickets twice.
I rang up to see what could be done. I was told they could cancel the 2nd transaction. I was told that I could also resell the tickets.
I was put through to another call centre, after another delay, and then told that someone would call me back. They didnt. I rung up again and after another delay I was told I needed to be put through to a special line. I waited on hold for 36 minutes. I hang up and tried again. This time I was told that the tickets could not be cancelled - even though the seller had not confirmed the tickets. I was also now told that I could not resell the tickets - because they could not guarantee the new buyer would receive them EVEN THOUGH THEY CANT EVEN GUARANTEE THAT I WILL RECEIVE THEM.
So I dont know if I have the tickets, and wont know until just before the event starts. And even if I did know, I couldnt sell them. The worst part is that the place I am supposed to get the tickets from is the exact same place any buyer who I would sell them to would get them from - the venue. So they say their system wont allow sales within 2 days before the event, even though I bought them in that time, and even through the seller would get them the same place I am supposed to get the tickets - viagogo's desk at the venue
So they have charged me twice, and two hefty commissions, but they dont have to provide you with any customer service because "they just provide a market between buyer and seller."

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    Reply from viagogo

    Hi Dan,

    Sorry to hear that you had problems with your ticket order.

    viagogo is a ticket marketplace and doesn't sell tickets itself. Once a seller confirms a purchase we cannot usually cancel that sale. In this case, as a gesture of goodwill, we have cancelled your second order and you will not be charged for the tickets.

    Kind regards,

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