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***I am a confirmed customer, I posted my order number but for some reason the site is NO LONGER showing me as a confirmed customer. Here is my order number for everyone to see DE78WX1LADWXP0 and Sales order 319737 ***

27/04 Website allowed me to place an order pre-9am, then I received a text a day later saying my delivery would be 4 days later, between 1:48 and 4:48!

28/04 I rang them, spent 7 minutes on hold to be told that the courier cant do a pre-9am delivery for this item. When I pushed and pushed and pushed for an explanation, they eventually confirmed it was a failure of their IT / website. They advised me to 'phone back tomorrow' when a supervisor would be in.

29/04 I phoned back, an 8 minute hold time to be told that the couriers weren't available for 4 days and no answer could be given.

29/04 An hour later, someone phoned and told me this again, with no reference to my call - causing further confusion.

02/04 On the day delivery was expected, as they say I can be charged if I am not in for a delivery, I sat at home and waited at the time I had paid for - no item was delivered.

02/04 I phoned the company, took 3 minutes to answer - they transferred me to the 'right department', where I was on hold for a further 5 minutes then their phone system disconnected me.

02/04 I tried an hour later, the phone rang for 10 minutes before I gave up.

02/04 I tried one hour later, I waited a further 6 minutes for someone to answer and they said call the courier! Very poor customer care. I chaecked the courier's tracking website and it said that my order was not trackable as I coudl only track it after 6pm the day before delivery was due! I rang the courier on the number Victoria Plumb gave me - the courier said they have not received any goods from Victoria Plumb and to call Victoria Plumb again.

02/04 I called again, 4 minutes for them to answer. Victoria Plumb said its gone to the couriers and *I* should ring the courier! I asked if I could hold on the line whilst they rang the courier and the person on the end of the phone said 'I don't think we can do that'. I asked her to reconsider and she put me on hold. When she came back she said Victoria Plumb has dispatched it to the courier and repeated that I should ring them. I repeated it was unacceptable and could they please call the courier. Then she told me that she was checking with the Victoria Plumb warehouse that my order had been dispatched. She was doing that by email which she said 'could take all day', I asked her to call instead. She said Victoria Plumb do not have a phone number for their warehouse. i asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor, Sharon, came on the line and said I was holding them up. I asked her to phone the courier on my behalf and she said she would phone me back within 8 hours to give me an update. i suggested 8 hours (before 9pm, the courier shuts at 7pm) was really not acceptable and she said I was holding her up.

As yet I have not had my goods or any indication of when I will get my goods. If this system allows me to put an update in I will.
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