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Poor product, poor communication, still waiting for resolution

Buying a toilet from Victoria Plumb has been a very frustrating and unsatisfactory experience. The cistern came without installation instructions, and the professional plumber who fitted it could not find a way to put it together which allowed it to flush properly. Having sent several pictures of how we had arranged it, we were finally told it had been installed correctly - after several separate email threads with different people who didn't seem to be sharing notes or know what the others were saying. They concluded the problems were with the specific item we received and offered to send a replacement cistern. Unfortunately they have none in stock and a problem with suppliers, so several weeks later we have received nothing and no indication of when we can expect to. (And we still don't really know if that will fix it anyway.) In the meantime our toilet frequently needs to be flushed twice or more, and often water continues to flow through after the flush until it is flushed yet again. We had to call several times and make a big fuss to get taken seriously at all, and we certainly never get unsolicited updates or anything helpful like that. Product delivery was fine, but from the point that we had a problem the experience has been rubbish.

Further comment following response below from Victoria Plumb:
After seeing this response from Victoria Plumb (below) I waited for a week with no further communication from them. Then I was contacted to say that a new cistern was to be delivered in a few days. It arrived as promised, and although it was not quite the same as the one I had ordered it was pretty similar. I had it fitted, and it worked all right, although not perfectly in that the handle did not spring back up with any force, and would remain down (with the cistern flushing) if the seat was up and resting against it. Over the course of the next few weeks, however, this improved and now (months later) it works fine. So ultimately, although I wasn't overjoyed about the whole experience, I did end up with a toilet that was pretty much the one I ordered and does work satisfactorily.
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    Reply from Victoria Plumb

    Dear David Jay

    Thank you for your comments, a Customer Service Representative will be in contact with your shortly in regards to your review.

    Kind Regards
    Victoria Plumb Customer Service Department
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