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Dont' be dumb... avoid Victoria Plumb

Having finally pinned down a decent plumber to start work in 2 weeks time, I PHONED Victoria Plumb on the 12th June 2013 to make sure the order was right and paid over my money (£298.00). I was assured that I would receive the item by the 21st of June, perfect timing!!
A week later, I received a telephone call to say that my shower would be delayed by a week as the courier only came to darkest Gretna on a full moon, when the wind was blowing from the NE, the was tide high and Prince Phillip wore red underwear. Gritting my teeth, I agreed (checking out the opposition with next day delivery, just in case), and was assured I would have the item by the 26th June. On the 24th I received a call from the courier to inform me that they could not deliver until Saturday as the planets did not line up, the sun was too high, they had run out of Garlic and they couldn't find their passports, (the truth being they were scared of the unknown)!! Not a problem, I phoned Victoria Plumb, spoke to a young girl who did not give one and was told my refund was being processed and should be back in my bank within a few days.
Today, 25th July, 2013, I received an e-mail:
Your refund has been processed, your order reference number is .
Your account has now been successfully refunded by £298.95, please allow up to 3 working days for this to clear.
Yours Sincerely,
The Victoria Plumb Sales Team
Victoria Plumb
Registered No.4177694 (VAT Registered No.764469784)

WOW, the ultimate in efficient.

I bought the replacement FROM‎. They were fantastic. I made the call at 8.30, gave the order to a young lady I want for my daughter and guess what? it was the identical item at a third of the price..... It arrived in tact by TNT the following day saving me from having to lay off a plumber and we all know how much that costs don't we ladies?

If you want an efficient service, your goods in tact and your items delivered in your life-time, USE BETTER BATHROOMS!!!!!
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