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Rock Star Service? I guess Rock Stars Don't Expect Much

For 8 years I have flown with Virgin Holidays / Virgin Atlantic, there is always a fiasco with them with seat allocation at Orlando because the ignorant Americans re-arrange the seating plan of the flight. This year it was worse than ever, coupled with a 2 hour delay. We pre-allocated our seats as usual which is always fine the Gatwick end but at Orlando we were refused our pre-allocated seats. It seems at Orlando they have someone who moves the whole seating plan of the plane around to what they think is best and over riding the whole pre-allocation. Usually they will re-allocate the seats back at check in but this year a flat refusal by the lazy Americans who refused to do anything. All they offered me was a complaint form which I hastily ripped in half and through back at them as they never respond anyway.

My 13 and 14 year old are now adults according to Virgin but they refused them alcohol on the plane, adults when it comes to extorting money eh!

"Rock Star Service" as they call it, this is what you get:-

Delayed Flights
Disgusting Food
Tatty Planes
Seat pre-allocation ignored
An argument at checking
Adult prices for kids

Apparently they are going to start charging for seat allocation so this will make it even worse!
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